The Problem
The user should have an access to all the municipal services that his city has to offer, that everything will be clear and easy to operate and use and be in one place. The user wants to view his entire payment history, make payments easily, check what events are coming up soon, and what is around him.
The Solution
Screen design of a dashboard analytic could give the user the ability and tools to receive and view information specifically defined, also have various cross-sections. Using the main element (icon), from which the information is retrieved and then the rest of the filters and information cuts will be made.
Visual Identity
I chose to design in a dark theme, to give a little bit a cool feeling, the main design identity is icons on the main screen, clicking on them leads to the secondary screen and other options.
Color Palette
A set of 6 colors, create differentiation, and look good together​​​​​​​
A complete set of icons designed specifically for this type of dashboard​​​​​​​
UI Buttons Design
A sample for a button behavior from the main screen dashboard​​​​​​​

Feature Design
An example of a nice feature, showing for the user what is near to him according to the geographical location of his house​​​​​​
Main Screen Design
The main screen design for the user's municipal service
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